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You may heard that the Garbage Bowl had been cancelled.
Fortunately, there is an easy way to bring it back to life: click here to sign up and then show up on New Year’s Day no later than 1 P.M. – whatever the weather. It’s that simple !

Copy and paste the following into the email, respond and click “Send” !

School (if any):
Date-of-birth (ddmmyy):
Desired position:
Football experience (touch counts):
Preferred team (North/Red or South/Green):
Available to practice between December 26 and 31 ?

That’s it ! All info will be used strictly for Garbage Bowl purposes.

What’s Happening ?

Some old-time Garbage Bowlers are acting as guardian angels of the game. We’re doing a very simple game – no programme or school facilities – just like the first game in 1950. Get people together and have a game !

We’re also bringing back the original style convert: tossing the ball into a garbage can instead of kicking. This is how the Garbage Bowl got its name. If the game ends in a tie, the winner is decided using an NHL style shootout with the garbage cans.

Every year since the first game in 1950, Garbage Bowl has raised money for the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre. As always, we will collect donations in garbage cans.

Why Flag Football ?

Sourcing and distributing tackle equipment is a major hassle while there is high chance of injury. Over the years there have been many broken bones and other serious injuries.

Garbage Bowl’s decline in recent years was largely due to insufficient local players with tackle experience. Everyone can play flag ! If you can run and catch a ball, then play offence … if you can only run, then play defence ! Of course, someone has to play quarterback and there are also running back, kicker and centre (snap) positions.

In this Garbage Bowl, you’ll play 8 person flag with non-contact blocking: 1 quarterback and 7 eligible receivers. In non-contact blocking, an offensive player “blocks” a defensive player by getting in the way while keeping both hands behind his/her back. The defender can only go around blocker – not through the blocker.

Who can play ?

Any youth – male or female – who lives in Montreal West or the immediate vicinity. To get maximum participation, we would like 16 players per team: 8 on offence and 8 on defence. This allows 32 players for both teams.

If more than 32 people sign up, we reserve the right to restrict the rosters to players in the 16 to 21 year (inclusive) age bracket.

Players are also expected to help out. Cleaning up is a must.

Not just for players …

There a lot of small tasks that transform a pickup football game into a simple and fun community event:

  • Mark sidelines with dirt
  • Yardsticks & down marker
  • Emcee – announcer
  • Score and time keeper
  • Game photographer
  • Collect donations in garbage cans
  • Miss Leftovers
  • Videotape the game for YouTube\
  • Use your imagination !

Underage volunteers can guarantee a future position by helping out !
High school students could count their volunteer contributions towards mandatory community service requirements. Check with your school.

What do I need ?

A helmet to protect against falls on ice and suitable shoes – broomball shoes are best. Knee and elbow pads also help. Longjohns are provided. We do have 20 football helmets but try to bring your own.

That’s it ?

Weather permitting, you could be playing to an audience of hundreds of spectators ! You’re the entertainment for a New Year's Day party and the faster the game pace, the more fun for everyone.

At a minimum, players should get together for an hour practice – even if just before the game. Huddles are 30 seconds – not 3 minutes. To speed up huddles, we’ll use laminated play sheets suitable for winter conditions

The Garbage Bowl will be what YOU want it to be.
Catch the spirit and make it YOUR New Year’s Day kickoff !
Hope to see you on the field !


Jan 1st 2009, The North Won! 36-14 over the Southern Bombers.

The temperature was cold, the wind nippy, to say the least, but many brave souls came to play and many more came to watch the game. The field was a few inches of powdery snow covering an ice rink, though it looked like the footing was decent for the players. But more importantly than the game itself, all funds raised during the game as well as at the Breakfast with Santa held in December, will be donated to various local children's charities. The charities and the children they assist were the real winners yesterday thanks to the players and the volunteers that made the event possible.

While this concludes our 2009 Garbage Bowl event, the Garbage Bowl committee are already starting to think ahead to the 2010 game and will need volunteers to help us out for both the Breakfast event as well as for the game itself. If you want this event to live on, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please contact us at

For those who were unable to attend the 2009 game, we have mugs and T-Shirt that you can purchase that commemorates this year event and our 60th anniversary, we have t-shirts (10$), coffe mugs (5$), beer pints (5$), if you missed out and you want to purchase some, email us at to make arrangements to purchase and pick up or delivery (those items where donated generously, so any sales is money that goes to the charity).

With the winter months upon us, the first "unofficial" sign of spring to look forward to is the Saint Patrick's Day Parade. The Garbage Bowl will be submitting a float to participate in the event. All players, members of the community, parents and children are welcomed to join us. If you would like to participate and/or would like more information, please email us at


T-Shirts, Beer pints and coffee mugs on sale!
Yes you heard right, if you missed out on buying your garbage boel gear, fear not we still sell them, the T-Shirts are 10$, the beer pints 5$, the coffee mugs 5$, we are running out fast so act quick, email us at to make purchase arrangements. Here are the pcitures of the different t-shirts that can be purchased, from left to right, men's, kids and women's version, note the different logo for the kids and women's T's.



Are you ready! tomorrow is the big day! the 60th Garbage Bowl.
Same place same time as usual, 2PM at the Royal West academy, easy to find it is right behind Montreal West town hall, the town hall is at the corner of Westminster and Avon (avon is st-jacques everywhere else).
This is the First Canadian Football game of the year, you can't not miss this event!

The Brunch with Santa was a success!
Thank you to all th evolunteers and the people that came for the breakfast, organizing such an event requires work, volunteers and contributors to make it happen, this event would be nothing without our volunteers, starting with Kenny Dilon our master Chef, Adrian Grant the egg specialist and rookie Peter Guay (Photographed bellow):
This year contributors were IGA Pagano on cote St-Luc road, Mini-Cout on Westminster ave, Cafe Grand on the corner of Grand and Sherbrooke (thanks for staying late Stefan to cook those croissant), Cafe Gourmet for the coffee and hot chocolate the best coffee to be had in Montreal in my opinion, Salaison Aurèle Théberge & Fils despite not being anywhere near our community they do sell their products in and around montreal, their meats especially that Bacon, Ham and sausage were out of this world, Restaurant la Belle Province on St-Jacques for contributing so generously, Rick and Carmen Gianfelice for.the books given as gifts, just those were worth the entry price. A hiuge thanks to Skip Seagraves and Genevieve Harbec of the Montreal Alouettes, for helping us outOne thing you should note reading those merchants who contributed, the big chains are missing, not because we did not ask, but because they did not give, just a reminder that buying from a local merchant helps the community you live in, we lost Supermarche Bonichoix on Sherbrooke this year, this was a merchant that we counted and contributed generoulsy to make this event a success. Please encourage your local merchants, they care about your neighbourhood.
And finally our volunteers, without who this would not happen, here are their names in no order of importance:.
Thanks to Colin Telfer (The Prez), Kenny Dilon, Marylea Telfer, Leah Lavoie, Marnie Telfer, Robert Telfer, Alexandra Telfer, Christine and Robert Barnes, Carmen and Rick Gianfelice, Ray Cassel, Skip Seagraves, Geneviève Harbec, Mahesh Sharma (allsway the glue for the GB), Peter Guay. Adrian Grant, and so many more, thank you.
bellow you will find a few pictures of the event.

Skip Seagraves, Ray "The Juice" Cassel and Geneviève Harbec followed by Adrian and Ray serving the food


Adrian Grant, Colin "The Prez" Telfer and Eric Lavoie folowed by Bob Telfer playing the head honcho


And finally thanks to all that came!


Brunch with Santa will be held on Sunday December 14th 2008.
This year we go later, we have made this a brunch, people wanted more time to get there, also we increased the space by going on the second floor of the Montreal-West town hall, so no more line up.
The prices are:

$10 for an adult,
$7 for kids (12 years and under)
30$ family price (2 adults and 2 kids)
Kids 4 year and under get in free.

As usual it is an all you can eat buffet, the menu calls for:

great baked beans,
Scrambled eggs,
French toast,
Bagels and cream cheese.
Come meet santa and have a great brunch! see you then.

Game day coming, 59th annual garbage bowl on 1st of January

Hope you are ready for some football in the snow, the game will be at the usual time of 2PM on the field of the Royal West Academy just beihnd Montreal-West town hall, we open the doors at 1PM to server refreshment, you know like beer bailey's and coffee. Directions from google maps.
Also check out our facebook group usefull to reconnect with past players or former mowester.

Breakfast with Santa Claus

Date: December 16, 2006
Time: 8:30AM — 12:00PM
Montreal West Town Hall
50 Westminster South
Location via google maps

All you can eat buffet, movie and crafts for the kids

$5—Per Child under 14 years of age
$7— Per Adult (14 years and overs)

Sponsored by The Montréal West Garbage Bowl All proceeds going to Montreal Children’s Charities Including The Mackay Centre, Missing Children Network, the Children’s’ Wish Foundation, Ste-Justine Hospital, Lamplighter Foundation
Flyer here


Record Crowd and Montreal Alouettes cheer on 56th Garbage Bowl
Courtesy The Montreal West Informer
By Paul Mysak

The teamsOn a beautiful New Year’s Day over a thousand MWesters gathered to cheer on the 56th Annual Garbage Bowl at the Royal West Academy. Led by their MVP Andy Blevings, the Northern Combines cruised to a 40-6 win over the Southern Bombers.

Each year the Montreal winter plays havoc with the field conditions; this year was certainly no exception. Confused players from both teams were initially uncertain as to why a skating rink had been built on the field. Upon realizing that this was in fact a typical Garbage Bowl playing surface, they frantically begin examining the rule book. After it was clearly stated that skates, crampons, ice-climbing gear, snowshoes, winter chains, and other traction devices were clearly outlawed, the 56th Garbage Bowl was under way.

The Northern Combines with their dominating running game quickly took advantage of the terrible field conditions. Led by the two touchdowns of their running back, Andy Blevings, they quickly jumped to a 34-0 halftime lead.

Montreal Alouettes Anthony Calvillo and Luke Fritz were on hand to meet with the fans, sign autographs and present the awards after the game. For some inexplicable reason, all attempts at half time by both teams to sign these players to a tantalizing 30-minute contract of football on sheer ice failed.

Garbage Bowl MVP Chris Bridgeman fired up his Southern Bombers for the second half. The last 30 minutes was an evenly matched affair, with both teams fighting for field position. Chris Bridgeman’s efforts were justly rewarded as he hauled in a touchdown pass on the second to last play of the game to break the shutout. Final score, 40-6 for the Northern Combines.

Unusual seating
The warm weather and sunny conditions brought out a record crowd. With the fans overflowing, the sidelines and both parking lots at the Town Hall and RWA jammed full; many people were forced to use their entrepreneurial spirit to watch the game. Several fans could be seen standing on top of a pick-up truck, while others had climbed a tree to get a bird’s eye view.

True Garbage Bowl style!
Garbage President Colin Telfer was amazed at the turnout, “I haven’t seen anything like it in at least ten or 20 years. Normally the cafeteria is amply staffed with volunteers, but this year with such a huge crowd I was forced to grab people off the sidelines and away from the game to give us hand. Thankfully, they were all willing to help in true Garbage Bowl style. We actually had to make two or three runs to buy more food for the cafeteria. It was unbelievable.”

Each year the Garbage Bowl donates upwards of $10,000 to the Montreal Westward Rotary Club, that is then distributed to several children’s charities. The Garbage Bowl would like to thank the following for helping make this year such a huge success: Montreal Westward Rotary, Ed Smith and Bob Allin of Bistro Westminster, Escomptes Mini-Coût, Quality Fruit Bowl, AMA Baie Football, Coffee Gourmet, Joe Pagano of IGA, Anthony Calvillo and Luke Fritz of the Montreal Alouettes and Referees Jack Baikowitz, John Parker, Sam Wolfe, Ron Romano and Mitch Pinsonnault.

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